the war room

The war room is an exclusive members only network where verified millionaires collaborate with those on the path to financial freedom.

What is the War Room?

The war room is a network of ambitious men.
Members based in different locations around the globe with different life experiences.

All working towards living a life where they can do as they please, working towards freedom.

How would joining that network change your life?

Everything you do, everything you KNOW, is derived from who you know.

Why are you heading down your current path, why do you think this is the best move to make, where did you first hear about what you’re working towards.

Who is the War Room for?

The War Room is for ambitious men with work ethic.

You’ll be taught ways to make money you’d never heard of before, watching masters operate in their craft, the mentalities of men just above your level and other men miles ahead of you.

You don’t know what you don’t know, but we will teach you.

How is it structured?

The War Room’s online arm is based in telegram.

Dozens of telegram rooms based on topic with at least 1 expert in the field leading each of them.

Everything is curated constantly, there is no such thing as a wasted message inside.

Topics range from E-commerce, Software Development, Construction, Decentralised Finance, Passport acquisition, Sales, there are over 50 specialised rooms.

The War Room has a man for everything and you have access to them.

You’ll hear conversations about opportunities that have never crossed your mind and get a full grasp on the realities of the world as a result.

Is the War Room only Online?

No. The War Room is very real. We have meet-ups all around the world.

There are countless meet-ups between members across the globe. You have access to REAL winners, vetted men across the world who understand the value in a network.

There are also more structured meet-ups, at least once a month there’s a war room meet up somewhere on the planet with a subject specific syllabus.

As you acquire passports and make money online via the War Room systems, your membership will afford you the privilege to attend any event - anywhere.

What has the War Room done for its members?

Changed lives.

Within the first month, you will fully grasp how ignorant you are to how the world really works.

Over 88% of millionaires right now weren’t born into wealth. It’s not about having money, you don’t NEED money to make money. You need connections, you need knowledge.

If you’re reading this right now, and you aren’t a centi-millionaire. Then Centi-millionaires know more than you about the world.

Learn from us.

It really is that simple.

You completely underestimate what a network does for you.

Gravity is constantly dragging you down.

Imagine a force constantly pushing you up.


This is the ability to immediately have the collective experiences of hundreds of lifetimes at your disposal.

With the resources, knowledge, insider information, and guidance you will enjoy the elation of an upwards spiral. Everybody loves to win. The war room is for life’s winners.

Note: To preserve the quality of the war room all members must have considerable work ethic. We have a 100% success rate for the life improvement of every member, and strong work ethic and desire to achieve is a fundamental prerequisite for entry.

You do not need to be rich or important, we will give that to you, but you MUST be prepared to work, learn, implement and grow. The War Room is for those with genuine desire to live an extraordinary life ONLY.

Everything you imagine the War Room to be, it is even MORE.

I write about the War Room, and  it is the same effect as explaining the brightness of the sun to a blindman.

No matter how descriptive, how exhaustive my language, he cannot comprehend the sheer radiance of the sun.

Are you prepared to see?

Join the war room