Andrew tate's war room

The war room is an exclusive members only network where verified millionaires collaborate with those on the path to financial freedom.


You do not need to be a professional options trader with a decade of experience, and you do not need to be a crypto currency analyst who’s been in crypto since 2014.

You can place the exact same trades as them and make the exact same gains.

This is the power of a network.

Your network and networth are inexorably linked.


Capitalism works over communism because of trade. In capitalist societies, countries focus on what they're good at and trade these products for the things they are NOT good at. Locked countries without trade have to do everything themselves, and are therefore obligated to waste time which could be used more productively.

You also do the same thing with your job.

EG) An accountant focuses on being an accountant to earn enough money to buy food. He doesnt take time away from accountancy to farm. He trades his expertise as an accountant for the expertise of the farmer.

An accountant which farmed for himself, built his own cars, sewed his own clothes etc would unavoidably be a poor man. Too much time away from his speciality, producing poor products. He would always be richer to focus on his talent and simply BUY a car and clothes. To be successful, you must TRADE skills via a powerful network.

By having a strong network, you allow yourself to SPECIALISE - you focus on growing and cultivating your strengths while swapping them for the strengths of others.


Be the man who is prepared for an Oil Crash. How? You were given heads up from pros in the Oil Industry. Are you broke, working full time but looking for a way to make an extra $1000 a month? Connect with men who have done exactly that. The expertise of 100s of ambitious, hard working men, will guide you. Including mine.

I am a 4 x kickboxing world champion multi millionaire with over 17 income streams. Each and everyone one of which I will share with you inside.


Show me who your friends are - and I’ll show you who you are.  If most people you speak to are overweight, you’re more likely to be overweight.

It’s the same with money, women, energy, focus, work ethic, EVERYTHING. It’s the same with LIFE. You will become the average of the people you know. A simple success hack is to dedicate conscious effort to collaborating with important people.

Let gravity pull you towards exceptionalism, not mediocrity.

The war room is a network of multimillionaires working closely with those who are on the path to financial freedom. Global and significant, the war room is an opportunity for anybody with genuine desire and work ethic to elevate social and fiscal standing.


Success in lIfe is very rarely about reinventing the wheel, the billionaire who owns Starbucks only opened a coffee shop. By harnessing the fraternity within the War room, you will be presented with endless income and collaborative opportunities.

Take existing ideas and implement for guaranteed income. Raise funds to launch new initiatives and income streams. Internal tracking testing and metrics ensure only the dedicated survive inside in a high pressure, ultra competitive environment.

The energy of constant life improvements propel the War Room and its members - read the reviews for detailed transformations.


Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe, and Australia. We have members on every continent.

9 times a year, War Room events allow members to take online network and discussion into the physical world.


Our online discussions are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Immediate access to information, guidance and resources. With specialty discussion rooms based on topic. The war room consists of over 600 members, in 470 different income fields.

Alongside income there are specific rooms for Diet, fitness, women, mentality, body language, social media growth, raising children, firearms and personal security/defence amongst others. The war room is an all encompassing environment to improve the masculine experience.


The war room is a male only network due to the hacks and truths taught to optimise life as a male. Females are not permitted.

A tightly-knit network consisting of business leaders, elite salesmen, private security operatives, successful agency owners, innovative WebCam studio entrepreneurs, real-estate investment owners, world-class medical professionals, software engineers, industry leading copywriters, Options traders, Hedgefund managers, tradesmen, Internet Influencers, highly sought after counsellors, consultants, Crypto currency traders and world champion athletes. 'You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with', The war room makes success inevitable.

a warning

Everyday the War Room network becomes more valuable, everyday the members inside improve. The slow and cowardly are left behind. Opportunity does not wait for one to be ready. UNDERSTAND - You must come to life, life does not come to you.

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The War Room is the great equaliser. This is the ability to be immediately connected to the collective life experiences of men which are dominating their field. With the resources, knowledge and guidance inside you will enjoy the elation of an upwards spiral. Everybody loves to win. The war room is for lifes winners.

Note: To preserve the quality of the war room all members must have considerable work ethic. We have a 100% success rate for the life improvement of every member, and strong work ethic and desire to achieve is a fundamental prerequisite for entry.

You do not need to be rich or important, we will give that to you, but you MUST be prepared to work, learn, implement and grow. The War Room is for those with genuine desire to live an extraordinary life ONLY.

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