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The War Room is an exclusive members only network where powerful men teach and collaborate with those on the path to total freedom.

Learn more about The War Room here.


This is where millionaires hand out free advice to newbies in real time - you get to eavesdrop, ask questions and get answers on what the rich actually do to get and stay rich. No matter if you're already a millionaire, or you've made some money but want to make more OR a broke hustler (aka. Future Millionaire), this is the place to hang out. But a fair word of warning: it ain't for quitters.

If you want to break free from your 9-5 and say farewell to your old boss, while mercilessly laughing all the way to the bank and drive fast cars as well as digesting some unpleasant yet necessary truths on how the world works - The War Room is the place to go!


Totally changed my life. Do not feel lonely (because I am the only one seeking self improvement in my real life) anymore. Lots of Gs offering valuable takes.


Any man on a journey of self improvement is probably alone and in search of like minded individuals.
The War Room is where we all gather together and lift each other up.

Helping each other make more money.
Get women.

Ever chatted with a girl , didn't know what to say and wished you had some Chad friend who could help you with instead of your dork friends?
In the War Room you'd get immediate response from other G's and even the Big G himself.

Worth every damn penny.

To be honest, I'm actually afraid it'll grow too much to the point it loses uniqueness.

Should say for G's only!


Easily the best purchase of my Life. Male spaces have been suffering a relentless onslaught. In this maelstrom of derision and hate is a beacon.

After I bought the Art of Attracting Women Course and saw just how effective it was, I knew I needed into the #WarRoom

I was not disappointed, you can't comprehend the amount of focus and determination you get from daily interaction with over 100 guys who are out to take over the world.

I've gone from over thinking life, being comfortable and frankly boring, back to my younger self. Back to thriving on execution.

I've commanded aircraft on all 7 continents, 2 war zones and have over 1600 flight hours in combat. The ability to solve any problem and execute decisions with ease was like a drug. I lost that drive when I became a civilian, but now it's back and I love it!

Whatever it is that you need, the War Room provides. There is an expert on what you are looking for just a text away. I needed a website and it'll be done by the end of the week. You now "Have a guy for that"

It is said that you're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Frankly, the War Room is a cheat code. You get to be the average of over a hundred exceptional men.

You need this.

Dylan Madden

Since joining the War Room my income has gone up (screenshots available). Not only that but I've linked up with the Tate's and a few other members offline. Daily we talk about getting real world results in the form of money, women, and mastering your mind.

Outside of the money and other things. The BIGGEST thing that you'll get from this group is reprogramming your mind. While most groups are full of losers with nothing going on. We've got millionaire's and other guys on the rise.

So if you're hungry for rapidly changing your reality, join us in the War Room today.


I would advise anybody who is serious about improving his life to join the War Room.
You will make more money than before, acquire the mindset necessary to succeed, improve your dating life and develop friendships with people that are on the same page as you.
If you will have questions, guys with actual experiences will give you non-BS, straight to the point advice.
Surround yourself with the right people, and take your life to the next level!


The value that is within the war room exceeds the cost exponentially. You will be connected with a multitude of likeminded individuals that are hungry to advance in life.
Want to start a business? need advice? Multiple business men are in here to help you, give you sound counsel or encouraging words. No one is in here to waste time. Link up with entrepreneurs who are close to so you can wargame new ways and idea to scale your wealth. We are legion, and we are here to win.
The opportunities are only limited by your actions and imagination. Do you want to succeed in life? Do you want to surround yourself with those that succeed? Then stop wasting your time. Join the War Room.


Joining the War Room is the best investment I've ever made. A group full of individuals who all want to grow and succeed. A network with certified millionaires who will gladly give you advice in all of your endeavors. No other group is consistently talking about making money all day everyday. There are Gs here making money implementing advice given from the Big Gs who are already successful doing it. They say it's not what you know, but who you know. With over 300 members including the Tate brothers and other big names, you are pretty much setting yourself up for success. The only requirement is complete effort and hard work. Change your life now!

Kevin Greenway

When you know you’re in the right place at the right time. #NoBrainer


I've got good news.

This course is GOOD.
Real life, actionable advice. If you're already here reading this review you're in luck. You have access to a real expert on female psychology. This course will give you a system and general rules of the game. It will immediately change your world view, and start pumping up your numbers if you follow it. I say this from personal experience.
The reason I give it a 4 is simple.

You NEED to be in the War Room. You've got no idea how potent the two in combination are, ask anyone with both. With both, you'll have real world access to Andrew. He will show you his texts regularly, he will explain every text and the concept behind it. You will see the girls, you will see their reactions. You can post your own texts and have him break them down. You'll see the 100s of others' interactions, what they did, whether it went well, why it did, why it didn't.

Level up already.

Logan Love

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
― Jim Rohn

The War Room has been one of the best investments for self-improvement I've made thus far.
Within the first day of joining, I witnessed incredible value and knowledge being provided in front of my very eyes.
Everything from women, money, fitness, and more. It's all discussed here daily.

If you are serious about improving your life, look no further.
This is the real deal.

Join us now.

Jacob Wohl

Do you talk to dozens of multi-millionaires every day? Not just talking nonsense, I mean actual business? “Do X. Do Y. Do Z.”

If not, why not?

Get in the war room and start winning. In my case, it paid for itself after approximately 6 hours.

Nikita Fedans

The WarRoom will change your life. Get in while you can.


You remember how you've been told throughout your life that nobody wants you to succeed and if they fail they want to bring you down with them??
The war room is the exact opposite. Nowhere else will you find individuals who will tell you exactly what to do to make money and exactly how to do it without expecting anything in return but your success.


Excellent content by Tate's coach, International Master Erik Kislik. It's suitable for absolute beginners up to intermediates and gives you a strong foundation of the game. It was a great refresher course for me after I stopped over 10 years ago.

By the way, if you also get into the War Room, you may have the opportunity to play against Tate himself (and practice with the other course students). I've never seen that kind of value in any other chess course.

Get it today and up your game.


The War Room is excellent. Tons of information EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is a constant flow of focus, motivation, ideas, action, and like-minded people. Information flows 24 hours a day.

Anthony Padron

One of Andrews best courses. This paired with the War Room provided me with all knowledge to maintain and grow my relationships with women. Easily one of the best ROIs when it comes to learning how to be a G.

Anthony Padron

Okay so for the War Room here is what will happen. You will be given everything needed to become a G and know what it means to be one. Once inside time will begin to slow down as you read and learn from all of the different topics. You will begin to understand how to make yourself better and how to get out of your personal situation and get into a better one immediately. Give it a few months and you will thank yourself for trusting me.

Atsatsa Antonio

Everything of EXCELLENCE is built upon in the WAR-ROOM !!!

Anybody who was NOT born into money or DOESN'T associate with wealthy people, NEEDS THE WAR-ROOM... if they want to achieve any measure of SUCCESS.

BEST investment of my LIFE...


Looking to eventually quit your 9-to-5?

Looking to make more money?

Need mentorship from verified multimillionaires?

These are just a few things you get out of the War Room.

If you're on a journey to making the most you've ever made, and looking for a network where you can talk all about that mission all day, this is it.

One other thing, the price you see above right now is only a fraction of what this should be worth. The amount of value you get is just absolutely astounding.

Get in while you can.


Okay I’m gonna keep it straight to my point. The reason why I joined the WAR ROOM is because I could clearly see joining would add even more value and go in-depth further upon the information put down in the other courses I had consumed. Like for example, the PHD course. You get to talk with real men and get advice on real world scenarios. Women, money, fitness, you name it. The WAR ROOM has anything you could ever need in the information world. I knew this would upgrade my life. It will do that for you also


Believe these reviews. Is what I would urge you too do. You’re wasting away time by not being in the War Room.

It’s no fucking joke.

6 years I have studied “self-help”. Which has had its place, but NOTHING has made me more of a man than being inside the War Room and attending the Summits.

Roland Mihail Voicu

I joined the War Room in May 2019 . It's unique place to be, filled with a lot of amazing info that you won't find anywhere else. The people inside are all the time willing to teach you new things, new ways of making money , help you with whatever they can. I can say my life has improved since joining, i recently closed a deal of 6k by one thing i read in a book from the survival scrolls. Definitely worth joining !

Rowan Smith

In this room you’ll make contact with many people you’d never otherwise have a chance to meet and converse with. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worthwhile? Yes. You only get the value out based on the effort you out in, like anything else of merit in life.


The War Room has transformed my life into making myself into the best possible version of myself I can be.

A constant stream of information that improves me on every single step on the way.

Tate and his Generals help me achieve my dreams on a daily basis, whether it's about Fitness, Women or Money.

Gs in The War Room have become my Brothers. Having a network of competent men around is highly motivating.

All in all, the greatest investment I have ever made in my life.


You can't help but get better by being in this environment.

Everything I do is Cobratate, and I'm thriving more than ever before with the help of the numerous successful Gs' who have already been where I'm headed.

I joined in April, was working a 9-5 as a mechanic barely making $1500/month. By mid-April I was able to quit it, and solely focus on my WebCam business. Right now I'm at $8,000 profit/month.

If you're having trouble looking for somebody with the same drive and mindset as you: Chances are they've been around the corner from you this whole time as that was the case for me, and many others in the War Room.


The courses are one aspect that will level up your life - however the true power of the lessons contained within them lies in their practical application and discussion within the War Room. A must buy for anyone serious about getting real value from their purchase.

The war room contains case studies, countless examples, and a direct line of communication with the course founders, millionaires, and playboys.

Highly recommended.


The war room is perfect for individuals who seek a purpose in life or seek to upgrade it. Joining will give you knowledge and understanding of the world and where a man fits. You'll naturally want to upgrade your life to keep up with everyone. You'll make lifelong connections and friends you'll never thought possible.


The Next Level in the evolution of a man. You thought you are already in the top, think again! In the War Room you will find brethren who exceed you by levels, others are eager to learn and be mentored.

I’ve personally gained massive amounts of value as knowledge and teachings that were personalized towards my level and understanding of the world.
To say you understand how the world works and what it means to be an extraordinary individual without having seen the War Room is a lie.

I bought many cobratate courses and they have all proven invaluable in my life.

The War Room is a game changer, thank you Andrew and Tristan for making it happen.

Don’t get me started on the insane summits >:-)

Rich Rubio

Easily one of the most vital investments I've made in 2019. Networking with fellow minds that seek to sharpen, aid, and push one another to newer heights thought unachievable before, this is the place to be.

I've learned an incalculable amount of knowledge from the other members here, as well as found new ways to diversify myself for starters. I cannot praise nor recommend this room enough.

James Averiss

The sheer content that is shown within the War room is eye opening! Every single day since I have been a member of the war room, the knowledge shared has more value than any other course, program or whatever there is out there. This is real deal stuff with members constantly showing their progress with receipts, which makes you want to up your game so you can start sharing them with everyone else! My advice is get into the war room, be patient, be open to learn new ideas you probably never thought of and make the most of it to upgrade your life!


Hands down THE BEST place to amplify and accelerate your life.

Fitness? Check.
Women? Check.
Money? Check.

If you are in need of upgrading your physical fitness, mental fitness, and mindset... You WILL find it in the War Room.
If you are in need of upgrading your ability to gain and retain women... You WILL find it in the War Room
If you are in need of upgrading your income and network... You WILL find it in the War Room.

In only four months I have gained more muscle, tapped into near limitless motivation, gained loyal girlfriends, made more money, traveled the world, and given my life more focus and purpose. My best friends and brothers are here in the War Room.


I am brand new member (less then a month). Even so I am very impressed with this service.

Thank you!


Because I had no farther around growing up, no role models, I spent the first 5 years of my adulthood reading books and studying topics to try and become the man I wanted to be. None of it worked properly but it did lead me here, to the War Room. I’ve been a member for 7 months and it has completely changed my life giving me all the correct ways of living that I needed. I am forever grateful and I can’t recommend it well enough.


One of several high return investments in myself I made last year, the War Room is arguably the most valuable because of the built in network of high-quality and up-and-coming men available to all members. I have yet to scratch the surface of this deep network of skilled, formidable professionals. Perhaps, my greatest relief is the automatic trust that comes with working with other honorable members and the knowledge that nearly every interaction is a win-win situation. All the people you want to meet and connect with are here or are on their way. Can't put a price on a social circle like this.

Joel Guadarrama

Throughout YOUR life, you remember those moments when their was electricity in the air. The atmosphere was perfect, and you knew you were in the vicinity of something MARVELOUS.


I have spent the last 8 years of my life looking for the best-of-the-best; I have traveled across 3 continents learning the darkest forms of War, business, and Seduction. The War Room is not for soft-hearted Men. You will be tried and EXPECTED to PERFORM.

This is the Way of Life when you DARE to be GREAT. The War Room is THE connecting piece to everything that you already built. It will also be the piece in your life that shows you how incredibly weak your position is. But BE encouraged. Andrew Tate has provided YOU with an elite Room for you to level up YOUR life.

Whether you are in the military, or a Hard-Charging Father, you WILL find room to grow across aspects of War, Business, Seduction, Persuasion, and POWER.


Stephen Morris

Hey this is one of the best decisions I have made, to be in the WarRoom with men from all over the world who have similar mindsets wanting to be the best they can be, make money and help improve each other doing it 💪🏼❤️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Andrew has built something unique in this world. A place of genuine action. A place where men band together for mutual benefit to improve EVERY area of their lives. One area of competence is not enough. To truly succeed in this world you must become a master in any domain you enter. And, in the War Room you will be held accountable. Get moving now and show receipts. We are here to win and if you have what it takes you will win too.


Do you ever get advice from people, social media, books, videos, etc. and wonder, "Is this advice real or fake?"
The great thing about The War Room is that it connects you to to real men who are leaders.
Their knowledge is real. Their advice is real.
Be it fitness, combat, women, money or business.
The chats are closely monitored to provide useful information.
You and other members are constantly moving forward. Toward more and more success.
Join. It will put you on the path to view the world ripe with opportunities.


The various courses here are just the start to shifting your mindset. The REAL value comes from interacting with and learning from other men on the same journey as you.

You don't just get to learn from Tate, among our ranks we also have Ivan Throne, Bobby Dino and Alexander Cortes, just to name a few. Not to mention, a certain Grandmaster and Money Pilot. All contributing in their own unique way, all boosting the value of the War Room.

My advice? Start by getting one or two courses. After you've watched them and convinced yourself that Tate's the real deal, join the War Room. And get ready for one hell of a ride.

I'll see you on the other side.


The War Room has been a huge game changer for me. And when I say huge, I mean HUGE.

For the first time in my life, I’m in a real brotherhood of men who train, earn money, and grow together. I even started meeting with a local group of WR brothers on a regular basis for nearly a year now, nothing like it.

You’ll find everything you’ll need in the WR to dominate every realm of human endeavor. Whether it’s:

-Making money
-Dating women

Doesn’t matter what. If you need it, the War Room has it.

We keep each other accountable too. You fall behind? You’re out. Adapt or fail. No surrender.

Join The War Room if you think you’re up to it. And whatever you do, don’t fall behind.

Anthony Padron

Extremely useful group of powerful men to be connected with. Learned many things in just one year in this room. The way you normally think will be challenged and it will make you into a better man in many ways. Some men are not ready for such a change but if you’re willing to make a leap of faith, this room is the perfect opportunity for just that. I’ve made my money back almost 5 times over by being in this group of established men. My last piece of advice is this, if you actually put 12hrs+ into yourself everyday and listen to what these people have to say you will make your money back guaranteed.


Being part of the War Room has been worth every penny and more.

Networking with like minded guys, action takers who show their receipts, there’s simply nothing else out there like this.

There’s real estate guys, traders, fighters, pilots, doctors, engineers, lawyers, authors, hustlers & cam studio owners.

Don’t miss out, join the War Room.


The War Room is a group of elite individuals that encompass the entire globe. Within these walls we gather to confer the strategy and action that effectuate our global advancement.

You will be forged amongst millionaires, athletes, playboys, celebrities, and other budding Gs as you are disciplined in the ways of the elite.

Since my admission into the War Room, every area of my life has improved SIGNIFICANTLY. And my progress only seems to accelerate... Wether it be gaining pounds of muscle, becoming a ferocious fighter, getting more women, or setting up my life in a way that I’m truly happy.

For me, the War Room is like a sanctuary. It’s a place in which I can locate and communicate with other individuals that are similar to myself. Individuals who are focused on erecting their own greatness whilst the world around them crumbles.

A no-brainer if you really want to change your life.


The best thing you can ever do with your life period. You are surrounding yourself with top level individuals of every level of life. You will be invited and get to participate in real life events where you meet up. I personally have made loyal people from this as brothers. You will have opportunities to make money and help not only yourself but others. You will have access to the ever growing survival scrolls which will put you into the mindset of being a G. You will be in a group of G's (350 last time I checked) all working towards the same goals as you. I met most of the people that now I either work for or work with. Don't miss this , if you had to do anything do this. Its a no brainer when you look back on it.

Michael Lindeen

If you've been searching for that push to change your life, look no further.

Andrew's war room isn't some self help BS, it's a potent and effective tool that will help you improve your existence in every possible realm of endeavor. The information and connections are elite, the brothers you make will stay with you for a lifetime. You will not be disappointed, everything is as advertised and the other reviews are spot on.

Looking forward to seeing you inside.


I joined the War Room because I understand the importance of having a personal network.

If you have ever been in business for yourself, you know the pain of going to networking events, masterminds and only finding half serious people. Out of 50 contacts you might get one guy thats a savage like you.

The beauty of the War Room is that everyone is vetted and tested. Only Savages need apply. 27 Millionaires and rows of killers from every industry.

Best investment I have ever made.

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